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Begin Sales in 15-30 Days!

Custom Brand, Logo, or Seal
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Start your small business local app sales in minutes - not weeks, months, or years in development. No Developer required & FREE!

“It’s not magic, it’s ZapNabit!”

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The ZapNabit App: Singe Outlet

After the 2-minute Signup: Download and then use The ZapNabit App (Android or iOS) to verify that your Business Profile is visible in your local area. Your Business Profile will be automatically & instantly visible in your local area.


1. Save your credentials (email address and password) in a safe place. They are necessary to access your Dashboard and to "Log in as a Merchant."

2. Have an image of your logo or store front available in advance of signing up.

3. Signup will instantly advertise your Business Profile. There is no requirement to add content: menu/product items until you decide to do so.

When logged in on your device as a Merchant:

1. Customers are not able to “View & Order” until you have added menu/product content.

2. You can turn on/off your Business Profile visibility at any time by selecting “Customer View.”

3. Use your cellphone device to access customer orders, assign delivery drivers, plus, additional features and functions.

Use the ZapNabit Dashboard tabs to set or update features and functions; including those viewable by your customers, such as menu/product content and transactions, and customer payment options.

GET PAID: Go to Transactions>Enable Customer Payments to “Connect with Stripe” quickly enables customer payments, manages secure transactions, and payments go directly to your bank account or credit/debit card of choice. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED


1. “Go to your Dashboard” to update your Business Profile to your business details

2. Update content: menu/product at any time, or not at all.

3. When adding content start with a few categories with menu/product items, then add more whenever you choose.

4. Always check and verify that your content: menu/product items are displaying properly for your customers immediately after you add new content.


Begin Sales in Minutes!
Single Outlet Brick-and-Mortar– Business Profiles including “View & Order”
Any Franchisor– includes unlimited franchises-worldwide. Unlimited Single Outlet Brick-and-Mortar – Business Profiles with “View & Order”
Entity with Outlets

- Unlimited franchises
- State, Province, County, City, Town, Village, etc
- Unlimited business/single outlets
- Construction zones
- BIDS: Business/Local improvement districts
Stripe™ secured and verified customer and merchant payments.
Customer Payment in Advance or at Pickup or Delivery
Menu/Product List Setup
-Do it yourself– (use our proprietary Dashboard)- Free
-Franchises & Outlets (unlimited) by ZapNabit– Limited Time- FREE
-Municipalities– Each Business (use our proprietary Dashboard)- Free
-By ZapNabit: Contact us for details.
Proprietary Add Product Tools
Instant Auto-Publish menu & Product List item s update to apps 1-Tap temporarily or permanently suspends or terminates service at any outlet at any time.
Free App Upgrades
Free App Maintenance

Go from Signup to sales in as little as 45 minutes!


Begin Sales in 15-30 Days!
Includes all “The ZapNabit App” features
Your Brand / Logo/Seal
– Displays only your outlets GooglePlay™ & The App Store™ placement
Entity with Outlets
- Unlimited Franchises
- State, Province, County, City, Town, Village, etc
- Unlimited Businesses/Single Outlets
- Construction zones
Only your authorized businesses/outlets
Menu/Product List Setup:
-Do it yourself– (use our proprietary Dashboard)- Free
-Franchises & Outlets (unlimited) by ZapNabit– Limited Time- FREE
-Municipalities– Each Business (use our proprietary Dashboard)- Free
-By ZapNabit: Contact us for details.
Account Management
-Do it yourself or Contact ZapNabit for details.
- All Single Outlets are also automatically available on The ZapNabit App.
- Available in multiple languages - Fees may Apply
Go from Signup to sales in as little as 15-30 days!
Sorry, no Big Box stores.


- Restaurant
- Ghost Kitchens
- Retail
- Pharmacy
- Merchandise
- Services
- Grocery
- Convenience Store
- Mom & Pop
- Food Truck
- Vendor
- Construction Zone (distressed businesses)
- Yard Sale
- Farmer’s Market
- Co-op


Registration / Signup:
- Franchisor/Government: $0.00
- Single Outlet $0.00
User Fees:
- Merchant: $0.00
- Customer: 5%-7% per Transaction Fee. Includes all cc/debit card fees.
- Customer payments go directly to your bank account or CC/Debit card of choice.
- Same day
No Developer Fees
No Contracts
No Obligation
No Markups
No Hidden Fees
No Risk
Terminate your service at any time.
Non-English “My Business App” for details contact ZapNabit.


Available Worldwide
The only worldwide delivery platform!
Quick & Easy:

- Merchant Enabled or Disabled: 1-tap Turn On/Off at any time
- Set Delivery hours
- 2-Tap -Set & Automatically Collect Customer Delivery Fees: No Fee, % of Transaction, or Minimum Order is Free.
- Local geo-located Delivery Driver Hiring Application posted on your Single Outlet’s Business Profile with instant notification of all new applicants.
- Signup & activate/deactivate a delivery driver
- 2-tap Select a Delivery Driver for each order and automatically forward orders and directions to your selected delivery driver


Local Service Everywhere!
Home or Traveling
Automatically Geolocates the customer within about a 50 Mile Range of the merchant.

Note: Quick and Easy address updates for mobile businesses- Food Trucks, Vendor, and more


- 1st In Class
- Worldwide Service
- Local Businesses (YELP™ verified)
- Local Customers
- Google™ location
- The ZapNabit App: Signup to Sales in minutes!*
- My Business App: Signup to Sales-15-30 Days!
- Single Outlets, Franchisers, Municipalities
- Proprietary Single Outlet Dashboard
- Proprietary Entity with Outlets Dashboard
- World’s Only Universal Platform
- Home or Highway
- Merchant Activated Same Day Delivery


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